FreshTalk Newsletter

FreshTalk is an easy to read monthly educational newsletter with a supporting internet presence that reaches precisely the right audience: the people running produce departments at supermarket chains, green grocers, and independents.

With the move towards more plant-based diets, stores introducing vegetable butchery counters & rooftop gardens, along with the focus on global and local food items, it more important than ever for produce staff to be continuously educated.

Advantages of having the FreshTalk Newsletter in hand:

  • can be easily shared with team members
  • it can be posted onto a bulletin board
  • keeps the focus on what’s important: the fruits and vegetables that you are selling

FreshTalk Newsletter covers seasonality, holiday periods, ripening tips, usage ideas, and all that good stuff. It is a powerful tool to keep your staff motivated. The more they know, the more they can upsell ‘fresh’ to your shopper.


A strong produce department is more than just stocking shelves. FreshTalk is out to provide ongoing info – both in a printed format and via the website. Your full-time staff are well-trained, and FreshTalk Newsletter gives them even more information and knowledge – this also benefits your part-time or seasonal staff – it make’s them a part of the team by educating them with new ideas, tips and information.
The big opportunity for your organization? Sponsor a subscription for 10 to 100 copies so that the Loblaws to the Country Grocers and all those retailers in between can benefit from ongoing education and information.

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